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Macomb police warn residents of burglaries

Police are trying to get a handle on a rash of burglaries in Macomb. Police said it’s been a problem all summer and cars are the main target. 

Macomb resident Grant Brown said the uptick in burglaries in Macomb this summer surprises him.

"You don’t always know what to expect or what to anticipate and small town America is kind of, not falling apart, but the culture is changing what it was 15 years ago," Brown said.

Macomb Police said burglaries have been common this summer, including a recent burglary at the Macomb High School concession stand. 

But, police said cars have been the primary targets.

"You always just assume because you live in a small town and you know who your neighbors are, but at the same time, because car theft is such a thing of opportunity, someone might be walking by who’s not from the neighborhood who’s just looking for a quick buck," Brown said.

Officials at the Macomb Police Department said that with all of the recent break in and burglaries, that they’re warning residents to be aware and careful when leaving their cars unattended.

"The big thing is leaving your car unlocked," Macomb Police of Chief Curt Barker said. "Always secure all your merchandise and if you could, take and mark all of your items. Do an inventory, so you have serial numbers." 

Brown said this is a wake-up call for people to be aware.

"It worries me in the sense, like I hate to see someone in a situation where they’re a victim, but at the same time, I also know that us as a community, we’re capable of making smart decisions and doing the little things right to avoid being in a situation where you’re a victim," Brown said. 

Police encourage residents to contact Macomb Crimestoppers if they see anything suspicious, or have a lead on any burglaries in the area. 


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