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Quincy aldermen question traffic control at new elementary schools

More potential safety issues surrounding the new Quincy elementary schools.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, Quincy aldermen passed along resident concerns of the lack of stop lights in front of Iles Elementary and Rooney Elementary. 

Several aldermen were questioning whose responsibility it was to put up stop lights. 

Many aldermen said stop signs just wouldn’t work; saying it wasn’t safe enough for kids and it wasn’t the best option when trying to control traffic coming in and out of the schools. 

"There’s going to be horribly long lines of traffic because they’re not walkable to get to the schools so people have to drive," said 3rd Ward Alderman Tom Ernst. "There’s going to be a lot of vehicles trying to get through 4-way stops so I think there is a major concern."

City officials say stop lights were never worked into the original planning of the new schools and they city isn’t required to make the school district install stop lights. 


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