Residents want Adams County to close a local shooting range

Adams County residents are sounding off, urging the county to close a local shooting range.

RKBA Gun Range is located off Ellington Road in Fowler, Illinois. 

The gun range has been open for the past four years and now residents say they’re fed up with the constant sounds of gunfire disturbing them 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Several residents who live near RKBA told the Adams County Board at Tuesday night’s meeting that the gun range owners don’t manage the facility properly, allowing folks to shoot well past the 7 p.m. close time.

Cindy Moss lives near the range and wants it closed, for good.

"It wakes us up in the morning," said Moss. "It disturbs us all through the day and my kids come home from school and they just want to do their homework. They are in their rooms and they hear gunfire inside of our house."

RKBA Owner Mark Dempsey told the board he’s working on making changes at the range to help with noise, including going to an NRA range seminar in the next couple of weeks.

"We’ve also done a few other things like putting trees and a species of grass that grows to 18 foot tall," said Dempsey. "It’s supposed to absorb sound coming off of the range. So we do care about their feelings. We’re trying to co-exist with them. It’s just always been about closing me down, never about co-existing."

Dempsey says before Tuesday’s board meeting, no residents have expressed concerns to him personally. 

Board members simply heard both sides at Tuesday night’s meeting. It’s unclear whether they’ll take any action on regulating noise ordinances in the area or whether they’ll consider closing the facility. 



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