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Hannibal School Board increases tax rate

If your kids attend Hannibal schools, get ready to pay more for their education.

Wednesday night, a day before the new school year begins, the Hannibal School Board voted to increase this year’s tax rate.

Hannibal residents will see a 15-cent increase in their property taxes from last year.

That money goes towards operating everything in the school district from paying teachers for your child’s education to keeping the lights on.

District officials said the tax needs to be higher because the amount of money needed to fully operate the school district has increased.

Superintendent Susan Johnson said the increase means the district can afford more capital improvements, like installing an HVAC system at schools that need it.

"It’s really not all about air conditioning. It’s our boiler systems. We have boilers that are 30 to 50 years old. We’re starting to see those things starting to fail. we just want to be proactive versus reactive," said Johnson.

That 15 cent increase means if you own property valued at $100,000, you’ll see on average a $45 increase in your property taxes.

Also at the school board meeting, the district reported all teaching positions are currently filled, board members briefly discussed school handbooks and the board renewed its dual credit agreement with Moberly Area Community College.


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