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Missouri requiring drivers to return temporary tags

Missouri lawmakers are cracking down on fraud when it comes to license plates, but it could mean changes for you the next time you go to the department of revenue office.

Starting August 28th, the state will encourage Missouri drivers to return their temporary plates to a state license office before getting their permanent plates.

Lawmakers said that the new law aims to crack down on fraudulent use of temporary plates in larger cities, but that it’s still been an issue state-wide. Officials said people will often sell the temporary plates, or give them to someone else when they’re done with them. Currently, officials can’t force you to return the temporary plates, but lawmakers say that could change.

"The department of revenue has changed the wording on the application and everything that says you must turn this in in order to get a permanent plate, but there’s still no penalty associated with it," said Rep. Craig Redmon, (R) Missouri 4th District.

Lawmakers said that if the issues they’ve seen persist, they’ll consider adding penalties to the law, but they want to make sure people who can’t immediately afford to get their plates when buying a car still have access to temporary plates.


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