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National ‘Check your Chip Day’ helps protect lost pets

An important reminder that could help you find your pet if it’s lost, Wednesday is ‘National Check Your Chip Day.’ The day is designated to reminding pet owners to keep information linked to their four-legged friends I.D. chips up-to-date.

Officials at the Quincy Humane Society said whenever you change your address or phone number, it’s a good idea to update the information on file so if your pet is lost he or she can be returned to you as easily as possible.

"If an animal has a chip,  we can scan it and we can look up the chip number, then we can see the owner’s address and the phone number and it’s the quickest way to get an animal home," said Caroline Veihl of the Quincy Humane Society.

The chip itself isn’t a tracking device and doesn’t store any information on the animal, just the ID number which is linked to information in a national database.
To update the information on file, you can call the manufacturer


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