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Gridiron Preview: Little Confident in QHS O-Line

The offensive line at QHS were wasting no time locking horns and getting their fundamental blocking schemes down to a tee Monday afternoon at Flinn Stadium.

That’s where the Blue Devils will host North Lawndale this Friday in their 20-8 season opener at 7 pm.

Make no mistake after a grueling Fall camp, hitting each other during drills, the big men up front are ready to go and hungry to hit someone in a different colored uniform.

Head coach Rick Little said, "They set the tone. I mean for the whole game. For the season.

If you’re good upfront on both sides of the ball you’re going to probably have a pretty good year.

And that’s something that, obviously we have a great running back, but we feel like upfront we’re very, very capable of being dominant.

We just got to maintain that level of consistency and it’s just something that from week to week we got to continue to improve upon."


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