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QPS offering family bus service for school events

Quincy Public Schools is now offering a bus service for parents struggling to get to events at their kids’ schools.

Monday was the first time QPS offered the service.

It was for meet the teacher night and helps transport parents to events at any of their k-5 schools.

School officials said the new family bus service is designed for parents who may live too far from the schools and can’t walk to them or find a ride.

"We need to get here for the kids. It’s important for them. It’s important for us. I feel like it’s a great service for them to offer and i hope they have it for future years," said parent Janika Hodge. She used the bus service for the event.

"We’ll use it for open houses.we’re going to use it for parent teacher conferences. We’ll use it for the first part of the year to see how it’s being used," stated superintendent Roy Webb.

Webb said in a couple of months QPS will determine whether to continue the service after reviewing how many people actually use it.


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