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Quincy City Council approves permit for downtown gay nightclub

After voting it down in July, on Monday night Quincy City Council approved a new LGBT nightclub downtown.

Aldermen voted 8-6 for a special permit to allow the club to open. The council’s approval comes with some stipulations.

The building, at 124 N. 5th Street, was deemed unsafe after a water main break in January compromised the main wall that supports the building and the one right next to it.

On Monday night, the city said the building must be up to code before the public is allowed inside.

The new owners have a permit to make the necessary repairs.

The city will also require that the area around the nightclub be cleaned by 6 a.m. These are requirements 7th Ward Alderman Jack Holtschlag said the city will be strict about.

"We issue the special use permits. We can take them away. We’re on a level playing field. If we feel there are violations or whatever, we can go ahead and revoke their permit," said Holtschlag.

The nightclub owners said repairs on the building are already underway.

They said their business can be a win win opportunity for both the gay community and the city itself.

"We are set out to attract a particular demographic that currently feels under-served in our community. so the more people in our community who are happy and satisfied with our community stay in our community and pay those tax dollars that go back into the system that helps us take care of everything else," said Chris Taylor, who works with the new nightclub. 

The nightclub owners said they want to have all of the construction on the building done by the end of the year to have the business up and running soon after.


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