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Students return to John Wood Community College

Classrooms were filled today at John Wood Community College, as students started their first day of classes.

John Wood President Mike Elbe said the staff and faculty spent more time focusing on growing enrollment than previous years. Elbe said the hard work has paid off because this fall’s enrollment is up 2.9 percent. Students said they’re excited for new opportunities.. 

"I was a little nervous, because I started out with speech and I hate public speaking, but I was excited to come here and make new friends," said Sharadyn Janssen.

Janssen said choosing John Wood was an easy choice.

"I chose John Wood for the affordability, because the less money I spend on college the more I can spend on online shopping."

Elbe adds it’s an exciting time at John Wood. The college expanded its science and health program,and added men’s and women’s soccer and women’s volleyball.


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