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Macomb looks to improve safety for school kids.

Macomb is making changes to make sure children have a safe way to get to school. 

Right now, there are no sidewalks or crosswalks at Grant St. and McArthur St. in Macomb. Which means many students going to the high school and junior high have to walk in the road.

The city of Macomb wants to change that. They’re planning to add a sidewalk on the other side of the street and a crosswalk. 

The stairs that lead up to school will be turned into a ramp, making it handicap accessible. 

The city wants to pay for it with a grant through the "Illinois Safe Routes to School" program.

Macomb Public Works Director, Scott Coker said "The last few years, the Macomb Police Department has monitored these areas around schools and are looking for improvements for safety reasons. This is one of the areas they identified, as there’s a lot of students who go through here, ride their bikes… so we just need to improve it."

The deadline to apply for the grant is in November and if accepted, construction will start next summer. 

A map showing the location of the proposed sidewalk.


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