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Mayor Moore holds final lunch in the park of season

Quincy residents discussed issues on their minds in the last lunch with the mayor for the season on Tuesday.

Residents met with Mayor Kyle Moore in Washington Park.

The topics ranged from the vets’ home, putting in a new water source on Quinsippi Island, and using the open Newcomb Lot at 4th and Maine as a community garden.

Mayor Moore said it’s a great way to interact with people and let them know where their tax dollars are going.

"We put $800,000 on people’s overall water bill, so it’s four bucks more a month," Moore said. "We are talking about how we can change that next year. A proposal that would save $75,000 to $100,000 would be privatizing the airport so that would drop that number down. People want to know the pluses and the minuses." 

State Representative Randy Frese also attended the lunch. The mayor said lunch in the park may be done for this year, but he plans to hold a town hall meeting in the fall at city hall. 


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