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Problem trees being removed in Hannibal

Crews in Hannibal are working this week to remove more than a dozen problem trees that are on public property, some residents didn’t realize qualified for free removal.

"No I did not [expect a call back already]," said U.S. Army Veteran Harold Pipkin, who lives near Lamb and Chestnut and says he didn’t expect a response so quickly, "I think we called just yesterday."

Pipkin called city hall and asked for them to take care of a problem tree on city property in front of his house. The next day, it came down.

The Street Department is removing dead or dangerous trees on city property with contractor Roy’s Tree Service all this week.

They started with a tree blocking off a condemned house in the 2000 block of Broadway before moving on to other areas.

"We did several around that property, then we moved on down here in to the lower part, into Chestnut, Hope, Lamb," said Aaron Davis of the Street Department, "and then we’re going to be branching out to center street and a few others around town."

The trees they’re targeting are usually either dying or pose a safety risk.

"If it’s something we can dead limb out we dead limb it out, we try not to take healthy trees," said Davis, "we have 12 trees total to take down, we’re going to try and get more in if we can, [and] we’re just going to try and get it wrapped up by Friday."

Meaning there’s time for people who have problem trees on public property near their homes, like Pipkin, to speak up.

"I’m glad they did because i didn’t know what i was going to do with the tree," said Pipkin,  "I’m just glad the city came by and is taking care of it."

"We got a call into city hall, they put a work order in for it, i come out and inspect the tree. If it’s too far gone, we take it down," said Davis.

Officials said that if you have a problem tree near your home that you think is on public property, to call city hall to see if it can be looked at.


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