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Road work on Quincy’s Maine Street completed

The road work in front of Quincy Junior High is wrapping up, just in time for the start of school on Thursday.

Maine Street from 12th to 14th Street has been closed to traffic since the start of June. 

Construction crews originally had a completion date of August 17th. The completion date was pushed back a couple days due to weather.

"We did replace all the curbing and the sidewalks and redid the part-ways between the curb-line and the sidewalks," said Quincy Utilities Director Jeffrey Conte. "It’s all repaved so it’ll be very visually obvious what’s been done the last couple of months."

Maine street is now reopen to traffic. The road reopened Wednesday afternoon. 

The only thing left to do is put up the new stoplight at 12th and Maine. 

Conte says the city is still waiting on traffic light equipment to come in so for the next couple of weeks the intersection will be a 4-way stop. 


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