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Sullivan Auctioneers machinery auction benefits farmers

Sullivan Auctioneers held its "Absolute" machinery auction, one of it’s largest auctions to date on Wednesday.

The auction included hundreds of farming machines that farmers were buying and selling. This year has been financially tough on farmers, which is why many are attending auctions to get equipment or make some extra money. 

Phil Dixon, a farmer near Peoria, comes to sell equipment he doesn’t use, in hopes of making money to make up for this year’s low market prices.

"It gives us a good connection to the machinery market," Dixon said. "These guys are doing a fantastic job. If you notice, a lot of this machinery is being sold on the Internet for a lot of people who aren’t in attendance today, so it’s a really good service for farmers and we can liquidate some stuff."

Sullivan Auctioneers’ next auction is August 23 in Carthage, Illinois, where they will auction off acres of land. 


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