Storms may impact Friday-night football games

Friday night will be a big evening for high schools around the Tri-States with the first football games of the season. With severe weather in the forecast, the StormTrak Weather Team wants to make sure you know what to do in case you need to seek shelter.

"All severe threats are on the table with damaging winds and large hail being our primary concerns. Even if storms do not meet severe criteria, lightning will be a threat," according to WGEM Meteorologist Chelsea Smith. 

The Palmyra High School Athletic Director said they have plans in place to keep the players and fans safe.

"We’ll have a lightning detector here, we’ll have our phones with us watching the radar and with the lightning detector when it starts approaching closer we’ll get everybody off the field and we’ll tell the fans to either go to their cars or come into the building," said Palmyra High School Athletic Director Brian Wosman.

Wosman said if they have to seek shelter, they will resume play only if there’s not another lightning strike or the sound of thunder for 30 minutes.

If you’re going to watch, make sure you have a plan too.

If you see lightning or hear thunder, move out of the metal bleachers and seek shelter in a sturdy building such as a school or a car. It is never safe to stay outside and don’t seek shelter under a tree. Wait 30-minutes after the last sound of thunder before returning outside. Also, download the WGEM StormTrak Weather App, so you can receive alerts when you are at the game and have access to the Doppler Radar to see if storms are headed your way. To download the app, click here.



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