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Parts of northeast Missouri cleaning up after rainfall

Parts of Northeast Missouri are recovering after dealing with lightning and flash flooding Friday morning as several inches of rain came down in a matter of hours.

Lightning hit a tree on 6th Street and East Clay in Edina in Knox County, causing a branch to fall on Hope Mallett’s van.

"About two o’clock this morning heard a big bang, it was storming last night,we woke up this morning, get the kids off to school and my tree had fallen on a car," Mallett’ said.

The storms sent city officials looking for damage and dealing with the sewer plant issues.

"A lot of rain went down there but they got the pumps shut off and every thing under control," Chief Ryan Bishop of the Edina Police Department said.

Despite the rain and damage Chief Bishop says no injuries were reported including Mallet’s family.

"We’re okay, we are getting in contact with our landlord and we have family, hopefully someone will come and help did out my car." Mallet added.

Water did cause roads to shut down in Northeast Missouri including Missouri Route 16 in Lewis County. Eventually MoDOT crews did open it back up.

 Chief Bishop wants to remind drivers about what to do during flash floods.

"Not to drive thru running water or standing water just try to stay where you can see the road," Chief Bishop said.


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