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Andrew Honey Farm holds last open house

A local honey farm in Adams County had its final open house today, something that lets people learn about the ins and outs of how honey is made.

Bernie Andrew with Andrew Honey Farm has been making honey since 1973 and is now making an effort to teach others.

The open house allows community members to see the honey bees up close.

This year, Andrew says attendance was more than he anticipated, but he’ll never turn down an opportunity to teach people about his business.

"I’m very blessed to have a family that stands right behind me and helps out as much as they can," Andrew said. "I love to see the crowd we had today. It means we are doing some good about letting people know the importance of honey bees. They either directly or indirectly supply 30 percent of our food supply. That is why they’re so important"

Andrew said they hope to make it through the winter with the bees after packing up all the honey and he said the weather made it tough on the bees and they hope next year, the farm will have better results.  


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