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Book donations wanted for reading program

The Adams County Health Department is asking for gently used children’s book donations for their Reading: A Health Habit program. The program allows thousands of children to take a free book home when the visit the health department.

Adams County Health Department Administrator Jerrod Welch says the health department the began the program in 2013 and they give away around 5,000  books a year, so book donations are always needed.

Welch added research shows early academic success can lead to more positive health outcomes and they want to give kids every opportunity to read, so they can boost that success.

Julie Schuckman, Director of the Early Childhood Center in Quincy, says reading can help kids learn and connect with others emotional and reading at an early age is beneficially for a child. It can help them once they enter a classroom and beyond school.

"If books become their friends and an important part of their life, when they come in and are ready to share, they’re ready to listen, respond to stories and they know the stories are going to give them a happy and satisfied feeling it makes them want to learn more," said Schuckman.

People can drop off book donations Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Adams County Health Department.

For questions call (217) 222-8440.


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