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Changes coming to local community theatre

Big changes are coming to the Quincy Community Theatre.

The Executive Director Dan Conboy has announced he will retire and that this Friday will be his last day. Conboy has been with theatre for 25 years and has been the executive director for 4 years. Even though Conboy is retiring he said he will still be around.

"I started theatre working back stage helping build sets, painting, beyond stage, so I can see myself continuing in that role," said Conboy.

Reagan Costigan will take over his position, full-time. She grew up in Adams County and after moving away, she said she is back and ready to make an impact on her community.

"We’re getting ready to roll out 2019 season, so just really wrapping my head around the grand opening night that we have and really focusing on that and how we can make it an even bigger and better event than what it already is," said Costigan.

The Artistic Director, Brandon Thompsen, who works closely with the executive director said Conboy has "left his mark" on the theatre and and his "absence will be felt."


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