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Early dismissal Tuesday for Fort Madison schools

The heat is particularly impacting local schools that don’t have air conditioning.  

In southeast Iowa, students in the Fort Madison district dismissed early Monday and have announced it will be dismissing early Tuesday as well.

At Richardson and Lincoln elementary schools, fans were blowing from the open windows to try to keep the rooms cool, but it’s not enough. 

These schools don’t have air conditioning and the students were released at 1 p.m.

Superintendent Erin Slater said the district made the move as a safety precaution because the classrooms get very hot and it is not a good learning environment for the students. 

"Typically we look at the outside temperature as well as the humidity and the heat index and usually our classrooms at Lincoln and Richardson are about 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, that tells you what kind of learning environment we have at this time," Superintendent Erin Slater said. 

All the schools in the district had to dismiss early even though the middle and high school has air conditioning. 

Slater says this is another reminder of why the district needs to pass a bond referendum to build a new elementary school in the city.


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