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Health Department asking for the community’s help for testing West Nile Virus

Adams County Health officials want the public to be on the lookout for dead birds. It has to do with concerns over West Nile Virus.

The Illinois Department of Public Health said West Nile has been reported in humans, birds, horses, and mosquitoes in 56 Illinois counties. The virus has shown up in McDonough and Hancock Counties, but not in Adams County, according to officials at the Adams County Health Department.

"The weather is still warm," said Tony Dede, Adams County Health Department Environmental Health Supervisor. "Summer is still going on and anytime we still have warm weather, warm summer temperatures, the possibilities for West Nile Virus still exists."

Local health officials are collecting birds with unexplainable deaths for the state to see if they’ve contracted the virus.

"If the viral load gets high enough in the environment, that the birds become infected, that’s one step closer that conditions are more favorable for humans to be more at risk to being infected," said Dede.

If you find a bird and it’s not clear how it died, call the Adams County Health Department at 217-277-2215.


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