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QPS Discipline Committee talks new liaison positions

New plans are in place in the Quincy School District to better help students succeed in the classroom.

The district expanded new positions this year. Student/family support liaisons are now at all the schools, including the new elementary schools.

The Discipline Committee met on Monday afternoon discussing the goal of the liaisons, which is to be the go-to person between the family and the school in regards to a student. 

These staff members help students resolve personal, emotional and social problems which can interfere with learning. Along with the liaisons, the K-5 communities now have a social and emotional liaison, or SAM, which targets emotional and academic needs in students. Before, SAM was only at the junior high and high school. 

"Right now we’ve seen some positive changes in the number of out-of-school suspensions that we’ve had in previous years so we’re happy about that but sometimes with that we see an increase in overall referrals," said QPS Discipline Committee Chair Shelley Arns. 

Arns says teachers are encouraged to document incidents with children to help show a pattern in kids’ behavior. That way they can better pinpoint problems and students’ needs.

The Discipline Committee meets again in November. 


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