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Sports in Focus: Tri-States Sports Scene Values Safety During Heat Advisory

The heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service for our region Monday caused more than a few changes in how teams are practicing and games are being played during the first few days of the week.

Creativity, flexibility, and good old fashioned common sense has certainly come into play in a big way as head coaches and athletic directors try their very best to keep everyone safe.

Quincy High head football coach Rick Little said, "It’s a different time. Our awareness is heightened. Not only to heat, but you know, injuries."

As the heat advisory moved through out the Tri-States, the local sports scene was more prepared than they’ve ever been in the past on what to do next.

Hannibal head football coach Mark St. Clair said that, "Thirty-five years ago when I was playing they limited water breaks a little bit.

I’ve been coaching thirty-two years we’ve always given a lot of water breaks.

You always made adjustments according to the heat.

So much of it is common sense but I think there is a tremendous amount of awareness to it now."

With the heat index as high as 105 degrees at 4 o’ clock Monday several activities were moved back or adjusted.

That’s because at the end of the day it comes down to caring for the person, not just the player.

St.Clair added, "You want to do the right thing at all times for kids and the thing I can tell you is we know as coaches that every kid out there is someone’s son." 

Practicing in these conditions has never been and never will be easy, but with everything the coaches and administrators have learned over the years they’ve been able to make these types of practices more manageable and safer for the players.

St. Clair said, "Sports medicine people particularly in our state have done a great job making information available to the state association.

We’re trying to make it so we’re preventing things before they happen." 

With all that said though, there is still more for the programs to learn.

Advance Physical Therapy Trainer Jou Lee said, "We still need to catch up on the recent most new studies or research because you know they always have new stuff coming out."

When it comes to player safety the Tri-State scene is still looking to improve, but it’s clear they don’t play around. 


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