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Bergner’s set to close today inside Quincy Mall

Quincy Mall Manager Mike Jenkins says department store Bergner’s is set to close on Wednesday. No exact time has been set but Jenkins says the store does not have much merchandise left.

Bergner’s parent company Bon-Ton announced liquidation for their department stores earlier this year, forcing the last anchor store in the mall to close its doors.

Earlier this month, Sears closed in the Quincy Mall and Jenkins said new plans are in the works including focusing on local businesses and restaurants but so far no new developments have been announced.

The Bergner’s building has not been sold and it will be turned over to the mall who owns the land the store sits on, according to Jenkins

Quincy University Professor of Accounting and Finance Dr. Mitch Ellison, many malls are shifting toward using vacant spots for office space or athletic centers, we could help bring traffic to remaining smaller stores.

Also, stores are shifting toward a brick and mortar style along with an online presence.


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