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Park district to put lights on baseball fields

The Macomb Park District is making an effort to give kids more time to enjoy baseball.

Right now, Macomb’s Little League Association plays by a different set of rules than the national standard. The fields at Veteran’s Park don’t have lights, forcing them to end games when the sun sets.

Soon, the park district will be adding lights to the four little league fields, thanks to the "Push for Parks" campaign.

"The kids don’t get that opportunity to have that under the lights feel for games and so we want to provide that for our area of youth who are involved in the little league and you know, we also have potential beyond that to bring in some economic impact for our area," Macomb Park District Executive Director Rachel Lenz said. 

The "Push for Parks" campaign will only be used to pay for the lights and the money comes from local businesses that hold fundraisers and give donations. 

The park district estimates the lights will cost $500,000 and they plan to have all four fields lit in the next two years.


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