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Cub Scouts hold recruiting event for boys and girls

Local families are taking advantage of a recent change within the Boy Scouts of America program. 

Starting this year, families can choose Cub Scouts for their sons and daughters. At a cub scout event on Thursday at Quincy’s K-Mart parking lot, families had the chance to get their questions answered and register their kids for Cub Scouts.

Organizers say even with the recent change in gender programs, the core values of the cub scouts remain the same. 

"The model will be the boys and girls will meet in separate dens," said Heather Huebner, senior district executive with the Boy Scouts of America Mississippi Valley Council. "It’s not so much a co-ed program, it’s separate. We have a such a quality program and character programming that it’s great for both genders."

If you missed Thursday’s event or would like to register your child for Cub Scouts click here. 


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