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Highway patrol says to be aware of uptick in farm traffic

It’s a common sight in the Tri-States– large farm equipment driving down the sides of roads. Missouri highway officials want you to know to be careful while out driving, especially with harvest season approaching.

Officials said the most important thing to remember is to be patient and wait for the right time to pass slow moving vehicles to avoid ending up in a dangerous crash, and remember that farm equipment can move at night in Missouri now, meaning it’s important to stay aware at all hours.

"Your moving into harvest season with combines,  and headers and things like that being moved at all times of the day and night, farmings a big industry in the areas we live and work in here," said Sgt. Eric Brown of the Missouri Highway Patrol, "just be aware these vehicles are going to be out here, you haven’t seen them in the frequency in the past few months that you’ll see them now."

Brown also said that it’s important for farmers to also be aware of drivers, and make sure lights and reflective surfaces are clean after coming out of fields.


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