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QPS Foundation kicks off new “Dream Big” annual campaign

Quincy Public Schools annual "Dream Big" campaign is now underway. This year marks the beginning of a scaled-up annual campaign effort. 

There are some big changes with this year’s campaign, one of which is a goal of $150,000. 

Officials with the QPS Foundation say this is the first year they’ve set a goal for the organization. One of which is because of the increased need for updated curriculum and technology like computers and online services. 

Another change is that the foundation is looking to provide larger grants to the district in areas of athletics, fine arts and endowments, just to name a few. 

"Public schools are not fully tax supported anymore, they’re only really tax assisted," said Executive Director Kent Embree. "When we want improved quality and excellence in public education it really requires public sector donations to make that happen."

Over the last two years the QPS Foundation has provided more than $860,000 to the school district. One of the big fund-raising events is the ‘Night to Dream Big’ gala dinner held in November. 

The campaign runs until December 31 and even though the fundraising just started on Thursday, $20,000 has already been donated. 

The foundation is also partnering with campaign chairs, Reaugh and Ned Broemmel. Longtime supporters of the Quincy Public Schools, the Broemmels bring significant professional and personal experience to the table to assist in campaign efforts. 

Gifts to the Dream Big Campaign can be made through the QPS Foundation office at Quincy Senior High School, through the mail, or through the foundation’s web site. 


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