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Labor Day weekend weather safety

As you make your plans for Labor Day weekend, it’s important to keep in mind  the weather. Last month, several people were killed near Branson, Missouri when they got caught out on the water in a duck boat during a storm. Local experts said incidents like that are exactly why you need to be weather aware on the water.

Weather can change rapidly and if you are out on the water boating or fishing, it can create dangerous situations quickly.

"Things change fast. Have the life jackets on, keep the available and keep the phone close to you. If you can keep it, keep it water proof. Watch the weather," said Tri-Township Assistant Chief Darren Smith.

It can even happen when storms are not considered severe. Smith said if the winds change unexpectedly, which can create a problem for both inexperienced and experienced boaters.

"If the wind changes it changes the water, it changes the way your boat’s going to react," said Smith. "So, really pay attention to that wind. Once it gets to 20 mph or higher it becomes a problem."

If you are going to be out on the water, make sure you do have life jackets for everyone on board.

If you have other outdoor plans, you should also be weather aware. When you hear thunder that means lightning is in your area and you should move indoors . Never drive through flooded areas, turn around and find and alternate route. Always take all weather alerts, watches, and warnings seriously.


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