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NECAC expands home rehab program

NECAC is expanding its Self-Help Home Rehab Program to Monroe County.

Now residents in Marion, Ralls, Pike and Monroe counties can sign up.

The program has already helped six homes with repairs. Nine more are scheduled but officials say they can accept up to 11 more applicants.

Part of the program requires homeowners to put in sweat equity for the work.

"We’ve had people participate in this program who work," said Brent Engel with NECAC. "We’ve had a couple who are retired but we have several who have worked. They’ve been able to balance it and juggle their time. One had a family with a couple of young kids."

The qualifications of the Self-Help Home Rehab Program are the same as the weatherization program. To find out if you qualify, you can call NECAC.


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