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New law seeks to fight human trafficking

A new Missouri law is putting an emphasis on fighting human trafficking throughout the state.

The new law requires public places like hotels and gas stations put up posters with the national human trafficking hotline number and website.

Judy Edmonson, the executive director of Avenues, a domestic violence shelter in Hannibal, said it’s important to have those resources visible.

"It’s not just the sex trade… It’s also migrant workers that are trafficked so it’s getting that information out not just in english but in other languages so that people see that there’s a place that they can call to get help," said Edmonson.

The department of public safety has to create the posters by January 1, 2019. They have to be posted in public places by March 1, 2019.

The national human trafficking hotline number is (888) 373 – 7888. You can find their website here.


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