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Travel forecast for the last weekend of summer

Millions of people are expected to travel for the last weekend of summer. AAA says more people will be driving to their weekend getaway.

"We anticipate a lot of vehicles on the roadways traveling to and from the place their heading to," said Sgt. Eric Brown with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

One of those drivers out on the road on Friday was Colton Yancey. Yancey was filling up his gas tank in West Quincy, in the middle of a 19-hour road trip.

"We’re coming from Arkansas and heading to Wyoming," said Yancey. "We have a family reunion so we’re going to see family."

Yancey says he hasn’t had any problems out on the road this far, however Sgt. Brown says it may not always be smooth sailing .

"Have a charged cell phone with you where you can call for help if you need to," said Sgt. Brown. "If you do experience some type of emergency and need to stop and make a call be sure you stop in a safe place. Pull as far to the right as possible."

Another factor going into people’s plans for this weekend is gas prices. Drivers this Labor Day will be paying the most at the pump since 2014, according to Gas Buddy. Studies show the average price for a gallon of gas over the Labor Day weekend is expected to be $2.84. That’s 20 cents higher than last year. 


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