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Waitlists at Quincy childcare providers spike after Caywood’s closure

Caywood’s Youth Center closed it’s doors for good Friday at 5:30 p.m., and many parents in Quincy are facing long waitlists while looking for a new place for childcare. Cheerful Home Child Care & Early Learning Center officials said they’ve had a full enrollment at 181 children for a long time– and they say that overnight they added over 70 names to their wait list.

"For about the last 3 months we’ve had about 450 kids on our wait list, and for our capacity we’ve been completely full," said Amy Peters, Outreach Family Support Coordinator at the Cheerful Home, "meaning there’s absolutely no new spots here, we weren’t taking in any new kids, and overnight there went from being 450 to 523 kids on our list."

Peters said they’re trying to make room for more in an effort to help parents in need. Meanwhile, they encourage parents to still apply if they need to in case something does open and to contact West Central Child Care Connection to find more registered childcare facilities to apply to.


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