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Big River Steampunk Festival comes to Hannibal for 5th year

The 5th annual Big River Steampunk Festival rolled into Hannibal, and hundreds came to immerse themselves in the history of the Victorian era in America’s Hometown.

"Steampunk is a very interesting hobby, and what makes it so wonderful here in Hannibal is it’s Hannibal," said Executive Director of the festival Lisa Marks, "it’s Victorian, it’s industrial revolution, it’s technology and art and literature and culture and fun so it’s just a perfect fit for Hannibal."

People like Selena Barker, a member of the group Steampunk Iowa, have been coming to the festival each year and say it’s something everyone can be a part of.

"Steampunk is one of the most inclusive events, organizations or genres you could ever do," said Barker, "there’s people that start when they’re toddlers and people that go all the way up to 100-years-old."

Like eight-year-old Bredon Morr who gets involved in the role playing and costumes.

"I put water in them and then i put soap in them and then i shook them up," said Morr, talking about vials on colored liquid on his costume that he says were his idea.

Organizers say this is the biggest year yet with the event nearly doubling in size from last year.

"The thing about this genre, the people that dress in these costumes, that make these fantastic vehicles, that put together these amazing vendor spaces is they’re just so fun, everybody has fun, they’re all in good nature and we’re just here to enjoy ourselves," said Marks.

Events like costume contests, workshops, vendors, and shows will continue throughout the labor day weekend.

"It’ll be going on all the way through the weekend, Monday until 4 p.m., there’s stuff to do until midnight every night so come on down. A lot of it’s free," said Marks.

Organizers said you don’t need to have a costume to come out and have a good time.

For more information on the event schedule click here for free events, and here for premium events.


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