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Flash flooding safety tips

The Tri-States could see a lot of rain over the next few days and with that a threat for flash-flooding in localized areas.

Firefighters said many low water crossings were covered with a couple of feet of water Thursday morning, which can be dangerous for anyone that tries to drive through the water.

Tri-Township Firefighter Andrew Wittler said their swift water rescue team is prepared for any situation, but said drivers need to avoid getting into a dangerous situation. If you approach a flooded roadway you should always turn around and find an alternate route.

"It’s one of the most dangerous rescues we can do, because it’s just unpredictable," said Wittler. "The water is unpredictable. You can have what you think is going to be an easy rescue and a minute later it’s going to toss on you."

According to the National Weather Service most flood deaths occur in vehicles.

"People underestimate the power of moving water," Wittler said. "It only takes 6 inches to sweep someone walking through water, sweep them away, and foot to move a car away."

Wittler said if you do get stuck in flooded waters call 911 and stay in your vehicle with the windows down. If water starts to rise, move on top of your vehicle until help arrives.

Firefighters adds if flooding does occur in your home, move to the highest level of your home, but not the attic, because you may become trapped.


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