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QU looking to grow Graduate Studies program

Quincy residents may soon have more options for master’s degree programs in Adams County. Officials at Quincy University said they’re renewing their focus on graduate studies, and part of that is a new graduate studies coordinator for the graduate department that opened earlier this year.

"I think that this is kind of showing that there’s a determined effort to increase that enrollment encourage people of all ages to stay here in the community and earn their advanced degree from Quincy university," said Sara Deters, who started as the new Coordinator of Graduate Studies at QU the Fall 2018-2019 semester.

Deters said many of the nearly one hundred students enrolled in the school’s MBA and education programs are Tri-State residents who are working adults, which is why programs and her office hours are designed to fit their schedules.

"It’s convenient for them, because we offer evening classes for the working adult, oftentimes they’re online," said Deters.

They’re looking to add more in-demand programs in the future.
"We have a few that we are considering coming down the pipeline, with our masters of business administration we’re talking about starting in the spring healthcare administration," said Deters

Graduate students already enrolled said that programs like the one they’re developing at QU have them considering saying here after graduating.

Students like Kiana Reed, who also works as a graduate assistant at the university. She said the small classes are a big part of why she chose QU.

"Anyone that I’ve met in the community here has just been really supportive and really positive and if I can stay around that energy then I 100% would," said Reed.

Deters said all of this works to give back to the community.

"You know, start to make more money, receive a promotion potentially," said Deters, "things like that, so it’s kind of a circle of giving back to the community while supporting it at the same time."

QU officials said adding more programs is a big process, and they’re researching to see if they have the resources to add programs like athletic training and physical therapy, and make sure they’re popular enough to draw students.

If you’re interested in graduate opportunities at QU, you can go to their website here to learn more about the available programs.


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