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Darin LaHood visits Quincy to discuss tax reforms

Congressman Darin LaHood stopped by Home Depot in Quincy on Monday to discuss the benefits of tax reforms. 

The Republican representative met with staff and employees to discuss how the tax reform has helped the company invest in its employees and expand its skilled job training. LaHood toured the store and helped employees mix paint. He said Home Depot is just one example of a company benefiting from tax reforms.

"To come to Home Depot and hear a little bit about what they’ve done is great," LaHood said. "They’ve given the thousand dollars back to every employee that worked here. Profit sharing, so the money they’re making, they’re giving back to their employees and Home Depot is a good example. It’s small and medium sized companies all across the country that are giving back because of tax reforms."

La Hood is running against Democrat Junius Rodriguez in the November election.


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