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County advised to not take action against local gun range

Adams County board members were advised to not take any action against a gun range in Fowler, Illinois.

This comes after neighbors complained to the board about noise and safety issues last month.

Since there are no county zoning laws in Adams County, the states attorney’s office said the county can’t do anything to shut down the RKBA gun range which is what some neighbors wanted.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, First Assistant State’s Attorney Todd Eyler said the county has never taken action against gun ranges.

Neighbors who previously complained about noise were not at the meeting but Eyler said, right now, if they choose to do so, residents have more power to do something about the gun range than the board itself.

"The neighboring homeowners, if they want to take action, they could in fact take action themselves. That would be by way of either a complaint to the Illinois pollution control board or to file a private nuisance action themselves," stated Eyler.

In other words, a civil lawsuit. So far Eyler said neighbors have not filed official complaints.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board also approved an ordinance to allow solar farms to be built in the county and members heard an update on the new county jail project. Board members said the project is under budget but they had to make a structural change because of an engineering mistake that crews discovered.


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