QPS to pilot competency-based education

How Quincy students earn high school credits could soon change.

Quincy Public Schools is one of 4 school districts to join Illinois’ competency-based education pilot program.

Teachers said this type of education allows QHS students to earn credits without being in the classroom.

Students would be able to test out of certain classes or take classes online at a faster pace.

"This gives us the opportunity to help other students who are struggling at QHS who maybe need a little bit different resources, a little bit different set pathways to get through high schools that we’re now allowed to do this because of this waiver," said assistant principal Sarah Gass.

"Classroom geometry versus on a construction site geometry. it’s the same concepts but I might learn it better because it’s hands on versus I’m listening to it and then I’m doing it. It’s a different way of learning," explained high school teacher Cheryl Vogler.

Vogler said the type of education can be applied across multiple subjects.

QPS will use the 2018-2019 school year to develop how to handle competency-based credit and then roll it out next year.



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