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Wendy Gunn


Account Manager

“Thank you for seeking out advertising information with WGEM on our website!

Our entire marketing team has worked together through the years, to bring all of our individual strengths together for the benefit of our WGEM clients. If you are in need of marketing with professionals that care about creating a strategic marketing plan and measuring the results, then welcome, we are here to do just that!

I joined WGEM Television in 2002 as an Account Executive. Prior to that, I took care of patients in the dental health care world. I used to think I was an accidental salesperson and later realized that one patient that I took care of knew I was destined for something more! That patient was a General Manager of a radio station and I believed him when he said that I needed to come work for him. The rest became history and to this very day, I am blessed to have taken that leap of faith into this career path!

As a marketing consultant, it has been my job and pleasure to learn the strengths and weaknesses of all types of advertising. I thoroughly enjoy digging in with my clients and learning what they need and then customizing a plan to make it happen!

Please reach out to me on my cell at 217-430-9955 via text or for a phone call to schedule a time that we can sit down together and brainstorm for your business! My email is I truly look forward to working with you!”


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