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Hannibal cat shelter says there’s an uptick in dumped animals

Officials at a Hannibal cat rescue shelter say they’re seeing an uptick in dumped cats. Cuddle Cat Rescue in Hannibal says in the past week alone they’ve taken in 22 more cats and kittens, all either stray or dumped near shopping centers. The shelter’s director thinks people are dumping kittens because they’re embarrassed to go to a shelter or the Humane Society after not spaying or neutering their animal. He said it’s better to ask for help

"We know from their perspective, why it wasn’t important at first, and how maybe their cat could’ve got out and got pregnant and such," said Cuddle Cat Rescue Director Zach Atteberry. "And we’re here to help them get their cat spayed and neutered, to re-home those kittens and cats but we don’t want to see the problem going over and over again."

Atteberry said the Humane Society sends cats they don’t have room for to cuddle cat rescue, and about one fourth of the cats they’ve taken in came from the Humane Society. The shelter is offering reduced adoption fees right now to help find new homes for these cats, you can go to their website here 

Prices are usually $50 for kittens and $40 for cats, but are currently $35 for kittens, $50 for two kittens together, and $25 for cats.

The fees cover spaying, neutering, and other medical care the cats need that Atteberry says could cost around $200 otherwise.


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