Wavering Park converts dirt field to turf

Construction crews are converting another ball field at Quincy’s Wavering Park off North 36th Street.

Instead of dirt, the field will become turf. Crews were digging out dirt, laying the rock base and preparing for drainage on Wednesday. Then park district officials say they’ll gradually install turf and rubber.

The project is scheduled to finish in early November, depending on the weather.  

"It just helps for us to play," Quincy Park District Director of Program Services Mike Bruns said. "You don’t have rain-outs and it’s a very nice surface for everybody to play on and do that. Like I said, it alleviates rain outs, lets us maybe have some tournaments on the weekends, where we’ll have two turf fields to go by."

The project is funded by the recreation reserve fund, along with a $150,000 donation from Avenue of Lights. This is the second field to be converted into turf and Bruns said the park district plans to convert a third field to turf in the next two years.




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