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Busy Quincy intersection to become a four-way stop

A busy intersection in Quincy is undergoing a change to make it safer. The change will not only impact the drivers, but students at the nearby school.

The safety concern is at 17th and College Street in Quincy. Because there are only yield signs right now, cars speed by without stopping. City and officials with nearby St. Francis School see it as a safety concern, which is why a plan is in place to change it.

"When you see a yield, well, sometimes they zip right on through," Resident Carolyn Briddle said. "When they see a stop, they’re gonna stop." 

Briddle lives next to the intersection and said she’s wanted a four-way stop for years. Now, she’s now in luck, as a safety concern for the students at St. Francis School has caught the city’s attention, causing them to add four stop signs.

"Some parents had requested it, so it’s kind of been on the radar for the last couple years," Quincy 2nd Ward Alderman said. "But it seems like the traffic has picked up and has been worse."

Officials with the church and school said they’ve been pushing for this change for quite some time now, especially with the students walking through the intersection daily. Father Don Blaeser with St. Francis says turning the intersection into a four-way stop will definitely make it more safe.

"We asked to have a four-way stop put in here because tendency is that a lot of cars go whizzing right down College cause there’s nothing to stop them," Father Don Blaeser said. "Too many people drive way too fast, even in a school zone. So we’re really looking forward to this for the safety of our kids."

The plan has been approved by traffic and commission and city council, in hopes of increasing safety and decreasing a recent string of crashes at the intersection.

"I’ve seen crashes there quite a bit and it’s just because maybe somebody didn’t yield, they just went on through," Briddle said. "It’s going to slow people down, you know and that’s what we need."

The project is being funded through the second ward fund. The exact cost has not yet been determined. The stops signs should be up within the next two weeks.




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