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Millions raised for life-saving medical treatment

The Hannibal Regional Foundation thanked donors Thursday night who helped raise more than two million dollars for life-saving medical treatment in Hannibal.

Donors from the Cornerstone Society were recognized at the the 16th Annual Cornerstone Society Banquet. The donors helped with a recent fundraising campaign. The money raised will help the James E. Cancer Center in Hannibal.

The funds have already paid for equipment that gives patients cancer treatments they would have previously had to go out of state for.

"Our foundation is so blessed to have very strong reporters and when they support our foundation, they’re are really supporting our local healthcare and their supporting their family, their friends, their neighbors, everyone that is working to access quality healthcare." said Wendy Harrington with the Hannibal Regional Foundation.

The campaign raised more than $2.2 million.


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