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Quincy University sees enrollment climb

Quincy University said new efforts are being made to attract more students and its showing signs of success.

Data shows enrollment is up at Quincy University with an additional 26 freshman students this year. School officials said they adjusted their scholarship program so students no longer have to wait until they’re admitted to see what scholarships they are eligible for. 

The university also started recruiting students during their early years of high school.

"We did a better job of actually reaching out and connecting with students and then having that scholarship program that brought greater transparency to our net price," Vice President for Enrollment Management Tom Oliver said. "I think for the freshmen students, it made a huge difference. On the transfer side, we spent a lot of time at John Wood Community College this year."

School officials said the goal is to bring in more than 300 freshmen and 100 transfer students next fall. They plan to reach out to states all over the Midwest in hopes of building more of a national footprint.



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