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Tri-State companies have hundreds of job openings

If you need a job, you may not need to look far as companies in the Tri-States say they are hiring.

Thursday, Quincy resident Monty Sickman talked to prospective employers. He said he’s ready for a change from his current restaurant job.

"Whatever can get me in the door to tell you truth. That’s how you do it. That’s how my mom and dad raised me, just get in the door and sell yourself," said Sickman.

Lucky for him, employers in the Tri-States have plenty of openings.

At a career fair in Quincy Thursday, 33 companies were looking to fill hundreds of positions, including Knapheide.

"We’re all competing for the same people today. There’s multiple companies here that, I don’t want to say we’re trading people but we’re always looking for qualified applicants for the same types of jobs," said Joanne Beeler with Knapheide.

Many of those jobs involve some type of skilled work. Beeler said the manufacturing industry needs more of those workers even if they don’t have experience.

She said right now, Knapheide needs around 50 additional welders.

"It is sometimes difficult to find enough qualified welders so we are now training people with some mechanical ability. Maybe they’ve worked in a factory and have some machine operation background or they’ve been a mechanic," said Beeler.

And as Sickman fills out his applications, he hopes to hear back from one of these companies soon.

"There’s a lot of companies out here that offer the opportunity to be apart of something and not just another body. That’s what I want to be a part of is a team," said Sickman.

Knapheide said if you couldn’t make it out to today’s career fair, you can still fill out an application in person or online. The same goes for many other companies at Thursday’s fair.


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