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Riverboat brings unexpected visitors to Quincy

There are almost two hundred unexpected visitors in Quincy Friday night.

The America Riverboat has docked in Quincy because officials say the river level is too high for the boat to pass under a bridge to its destination of Hannibal.

City officials say they’re hooking up utilities to the boat while it’s docked in Quincy and the passengers are being bused up the bluff to downtown.

Meanwhile, officials are adding weight to the boat to make it sit lower in the water by filling the onboard tanks from Quincy fire hydrants.

A crew member says the boat is only a few inches too tall to make it under the bridge. They will try to continue on to Hannibal Saturday morning.

Passenger Ned Dayton said, "We were rolling south, we got a little bit south of here towards Hannibal and we were going to go underneath the bridge and all of a sudden the captain slammed it into reverse and we turned around and came back up. We couldn’t get under the bridge."

A crew member says the boat was at capacity with 184 passengers.

Learn more about the riverboat America.


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