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Hannibal flood gates set to come out Thursday

Hannibal Emergency Management Officials said the flood gates on Hill and Center Street will be removed Thursday morning.

Officials said the water levels have to be at 18 feet and falling before the water gates are removed, and they’re expected to hit that level sometime Tuesday  morning, but scheduling conflicts mean that they gates won’t be able to be removed until Thursday morning.

"they’ll actually be in maybe 24 hours longer than they needed to be," said Hannibal Emergency Management Director John Hark, "but to be able to coordinate the crane with the labor force and everything, the removal is going to run a day longer than i normally would’ve run."

Hark said that railroads crews have been working on replacing railroad ties on the other side of the levee over the past few days, meaning drivers wouldn’t be able to cross on Hill and Center anyway. The roads should be back open with the gates removed by late Thursday morning.


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