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Quincy Books and Toys moves locations

The new Quincy Books and Toys storefront will open Wednesday morning in the Quincy commons off Broadway. The owners say the move from the Quincy Mall to the commons all comes down to more foot traffic.

“We wanted to expand the store, we wanted to add toys, the mall couldn’t give us that opportunity to give us a bigger store,” said Store Manager Angela Cromie she said the new space will be filled with a bigger selection of books, toys, and a new sitting space for shoppers.

All things that Jerry Cowley, Manager of Retail Operations for the store, said make them attractive to consumers over online retailers.

“The best way we’ve found to compete,  there’s still people that want to come in and browse books before they buy, you can sit down and read it a little bit see how you like it,” said Cowley.

But more space isn’t the only thing the new store offers, The owners of Quincy Books and Toys said they had already seen a big drop in foot traffic since Bergner’s and Sears closed at the mall. Cowley said the new location is a high foot traffic area, with many other places to shop nearby, and shoppers are here to buy.

“People are coming to this shopping center to buy, they’re not coming here to walk or to exercise or anything else, and that’s what we want,” said Cowley.

“I think it’ll add a lot to the location on this side,” said Jeri Harms who was out shopping in the Quincy Commons Tuesday, “especially if they’re expanding and having extra seating in there which I think people will take advantage of.”

Store officials say the store will be open for business Wednesday at 10 a.m..


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